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    Week 1 at Bangalore and Work 

    I landed at Bangalore airport last week flying on an indiGo for the first time; found the experience better than JetKonnect from my first flight.

    Next day (Sunday) started early with a walk to Oracle Tech Park and back to get myself familiarized with the area before first day at work. A much-needed haircut followed.

    Having caught cold with the change in weather, I had to miss the Goodreads meetup planned at Brigade Road during the day, which I was eagerly awaiting to attend with a friend. The day was instead spent hunting around for a pair of Oxfords in Jayanagar/JP Nagar markets. Apparently, it’s not easy to find those classic-shaped shoes anymore, with most shoes available in a strangely long front-part which I absolutely dislike. After spending over 40 minutes at the second store I tried, I settled for a passable pair. My friends had already warned me that there is no dress code at work place and I will discard them within few days. Shopping for myself without my mom has never been an easy experience.

    The first two days were spent on induction. First day could be summarized as the practice-your-signature-a-hundred-times day; I detest manually signing anything and prefer digital security for most applications. Dunno how long it will take to transition to a world when (hard copy) paperwork will be a thing of past. Second day was much less tiring with some interesting presentations about culture and how things work at Oracle. I was impressed, better than my expectations indeed. 🙂

    Next three days were devoted on a Campus to Corporate program for college grads (it, interestingly, also had an experienced person among us for some unknown reason). I liked the program overall for it made many things crystal clear for us to move to corporate world and more so because it involved close interaction among the new hires and I got to meet many interesting people.

    I also managed to watch Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on Wednesday at an INOX for a relatively cheap ticket price (I am totally surprised over the difference in prices over here compared to other cities like Chennai), thanks to new friends Naman and Ratan who knew about a weekly offer and pre-booked the tickets before they got over. Movie had its own class and I never felt bored or found it dragging given it’s being criticized for being too lengthy (naysayers always manage to find something or other to criticize even things of perfection).

    This weekend was spent on catching up on more sleep and looking for a home to stay at a few places. Had to give up on a great deal today for just one reason – tiny size of bathroom, which could definitely induce claustrophobia in, for an otherwise perfectly sane, me. (For those living in Bangalore, I am still looking for a 1BHK OR 2/3 BHK (and flatmates) within max 4 Kms radius of my work location – IBC Knowledge Park near Dairy Circle, Bannerghatta Road, any help is definitely appreciated. Please contact me at kartiksinghal [AT] gmail and I will try to get back asap.)

    One thing that bothers me after a week of work is how less time I could spend on things I wanted to do in the beginning of the week. Although the first week involved no real work, sitting at office itself and traveling to and fro could be tiring. It led me to miss homework deadlines of multiple courses on Coursera and hence deciding to drop most of them (except two). I believe it’s more of the initial hassles of settling down in a new environment than my inability to keep up. Also, I had to really think what courses were really important for me to keep doing with a shift in priorities and amount of free time available. Think, I will learn to manage time more effectively as I get used to the new life.

    Tomorrow might be a great day as we, new hires, apparently get to interact with a top executive of the company. Excitement level is high, indeed.

    NOTE: I am aware now being an employee of a company, I might not be fully open in sharing my experiences. I will keep sharing things which do not affect my employer in any way. Of course, it’s to be noted, any opinions shared from now onwards represent my personal views and do not pertain to my employer at any level (Time to update the About section of my blog as well).


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    A Fun Security Weekend with null and sCTF 

    I know it’s quite late to post about the last weekend when another weekend is around the corner, but couldn’t control myself as the last one was so eventful. 🙂

    It was almost 2 weeks back that I got to know about sCTF 2012. I have always wanted to learn about computer security (and the darker side of hacking), but haven’t been able to give time it to it. What followed was a quick search for team members from among my batch via FB – Nithin immediately showed interest, we pulled Jerrin in too. We quickly registered ourselves as Team KaNiJe (sounds Manga-ish right?) after calling Vinod Pathari Sir and convincing him to become our mentor.

    We were handed over the first set of questions for Round 1 via email. What I liked most about sCTF and its organizers was that they focused on being newbie friendly and were maintaining a decent level of quality with the contest. This was demonstrated in the Round 1 (christened – Learning Round by them) questions. They ranged from basics like installing VirtualBox, learning basics of PHP and SQL, and going up to buffer overflow exploits and reverse engineering. The sets of tasks were many and very few days with us – June 16 was the deadline. During this period I enjoyed hacking the basic missions at hackthissite.org, learnt a lot about iptables – default linux kernel firewall, buffer overflows, etc. I also went through my study report prepared for my Networks course assignment on common networking tools like ping, ssh, traceroute, ifconfig, netstat, wireshark, etc. to recall useful stuff and then tried to familiarize myself with the ethical hacking parlance using the suggested flashcards.

    I also happened to attend null Bangalore’s monthly meetup on Saturday (16th) and, need I mention, this was THE best community meetup I have ever attended! I got to learn basic SQL injection, some JavaScript obfuscation techniques and some memory forensics basics, the last one was arguably the best session in the meetup. Through the meetup I got in touch with an MCA alumnus from my college – Shruti (who apparently knew me by name already) and then enjoyed a buffet at a nearby restaurant with her friends (a gang of 6 white-hat hackers!). I was astonished to discover a whole new (for me) world of security professionals in India and how deeply they enjoy their work. This will definitely keep me interested in security area for a while, more so because I will be taking Vinod Pathari Sir’s elective on Computer Security in the coming sem. Sadly, I was unable to attend BangPypers June Meetup due to approaching deadline of sCTF’s first round.

    Earlier, on 15th night, we had divided the tasks among ourselves with 2 sections for each. On 16th afternoon, Jerrin and me met at CIS to finish up our submission for the first round, Nithin was collaborating from his home at Trivandrum. We had about 3 hours remaining for the deadline and I was yet to start on my sections (the lazy procrastinator that I am; and there had been a confusion about extension of deadline to add to my procrastination). My sections were Part 2 (mysql, apache, hardening, log file, php log file etc) and Part 4 (secure coding, attacks). Given my experience sysadmining for about past three years, it didn’t take me more than an hour to finish up the first section (of course, there were new things to learn as well). The other section was more of a problem with the time constraint but I managed to do most of it. Just near the deadline of 7 pm we submitted our partial solutions (the poor reverse engineering section was left blank completely!) and parted for the day.

    The next day was the second round (also online), scheduled from 10am to 4pm and which along with round 1 would decide our qualification for the finals. I reached CIS at 10 and logged in to the contest portal, Jerrin joined in soon and Nithin too remotely. There were questions divided into multiple sections – Crypto, Web, Binary, and Trivia. We got a good lead in the beginning when Nithin solved the first two in Binary section. I started with Trivia and found it fairly easy (Google was our assistant for that section 😉 ) in the beginning, but really got stuck at two questions in that section. Jerrin was solving Crypto questions one by one. The fun part was that all the teams and organizers were connected together with irc. We could ask doubts from them and they kept us entertained with their irc bot, live announcements of score board, and poking fun at each other and us. So, after a while I discovered that organizers had done a minor mistake which led to our advantage (I managed to finish those nasty 2 remaining Trivia questions) and put us on top for a while on the rankings. The next 2-3 hours were spent struggling on remaining questions with little progress and we ended up at rank 5 among the total 18 teams that were present.

    Two days later, we were informed via mail that we had qualified for the finals! And that we were fully sponsored to attend the first International Conference on Security of Internet of Things to be held from August 16 to 19 at Amritapuri campus. The final round of the contest will be held on Aug 20 after the conference. I was overly excited because I was not aware that we were eligible to attend the conference just by qualifying for the finals. According to Vinod Sir it will be great to listen to Ross Anderson who is speaking at the conference. Looking forward for a great experience at our first academic conference (and lots of learning in the field of security to prepare for the finals). 🙂

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      Nice to hear that you enjoyed the contest 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

    • pprahul 11:56 PM on June 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Great experience ah man!! Awesome!!

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    (Bangalore) Summer of ’12… with BeagleBone 


    This post will be slightly long. Lots of exciting things happening over a Bangalore summer this year for me. 😀

    Somehow I always wanted to learn more about hardware and with a mentor like Khasim the road seems a lot more exciting. I first met him when he came to conduct a workshop on BeagleBoard during Tathva 2009 at my college – NIT Calicut. I was just a fresher then and have since regretted that I could not attend that workshop completely (due to my participation in various CS related competitions).

    Well, life took strange turns and I along with friend Jerrin landed up in Bangalore and got to hack together on a BeagleBone (a low-cost, high-expansion hardware-hacker focused BeagleBoard). We initially learnt the very basics of working with a board like this using the serial output on UART console (and discovered that we couldn’t proceed further until R219 was plucked out, thanks to another mentor Mr. Satish Patel from Khasim’s team; fiola on #beagle channel on freenode was a great help in troubleshooting as well), then there was Starterware which enabled us to experiment with blinking LEDs and other small programs for Bone.

    I then learnt how to read a schematic using the great book by Barr & Massa which Amarjit Singh suggested (now I will recommend this book, Programming Embedded Systems, as a TO-READ if you want to learn basics of embedded systems programming) and tried to understand the schematics of BeagleBone (rev. A4). I was able to identify how various components on the board connect to the processor and the direction of data flow among them and to understand how simple things like power reset, user LEDs, SDRAM, USB host & connector, microSD and expansion slots interact with the CPU.

    Exploration of the design specifications of the board with some details about each external peripheral present on the board from the BeagleBone System Reference Manual followed. I even tried to read ARM335x datasheet and Technical Reference Manual to extract useful information (like memory locations of on-chip peripherals, handling of interrupts at CPU level, etc.) – datasheets are HUGE documents! Using this data, referring the book by Barr & Massa and taking help from Starterware example programs I was able to write my (own) code from scratch for blinking an LED on BeagleBone as a pure learning exercise – believe me it was total fun (no matter however it may sound in this post)!

    Just today, I got my hands on Microchip’s Accessory Development Starter Kit for Android (pictured below). I will be using this to understand the ins and outs of Android’s Open Accessory Protocol and try to port the firmware on BeagleBone such that it could be used as an ADK platform as well. Lots of learning, fiddling with USB APIs, Android hacking, and of course embedded C programming to follow next (and I am up for the game!).

    Here are some pics of the awesome things I am playing with these days (click on image for larger view):

    I will try to regularly post about my progress here and yes, there is a lot more I have to say about this Bangalore Summer, but some other post, some other time. 🙂



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      from where did u buy the beaglebone?

    • Sajjad Anwar (@geohacker) 12:16 AM on June 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Yay! Super excited to know that you are enjoying your time in Bangalore! Good luck 🙂

      • Kartik 12:45 AM on June 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks. And it’s because of you and so many other people I am meeting here in Bangalore. 🙂

    • Pranav 9:50 AM on June 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Awesomeness 😀

    • Pramode 10:02 PM on June 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Have fun hacking the BeagleBone (and other stuff)!!

      • Kartik 10:06 PM on June 15, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, loving it.
        And this time I would really love if you could visit our campus for a workshop on hardware hacking. We two would be able to assist too. 🙂

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    The Branch Tour 2011 and me (Part 2) 

    This is second and the last part of my earlier post – The Branch Tour 2011 and me. Please read my last post before reading this.

    Disclaimer: The following post is dedicated to all my branch mates and is a little more on the personal side. Additionally, the post is too long and may not be of any relevance for those who seek to attain any bit of technical nirvana from this blog. So, you may happily TLDR this post.

    Note: This post was supposed to be published quite a long time back, but stating some hard facts directly felt bad that ago; better late then never. 😉 (actually posted on 2012-01-05)

    Day 3 – Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu

    Day 3 started with our reaching Hogenakkal early morning, getting freshened up at a not-that-commendable hotel-like-place and having breakfast at nearby C M Hotel (cum-bar); the food was pretty strange there and I didn’t get the papad after multiple attempts. 😦

    After everybody got ready, we prepared to visit the falls. Everybody wore light clothes since we were all going to get wet and I wondered if I had any shorts; of course, I had none, so bought a cheap one (and I mean damn cheap – 45 bucks) from a khokha near our bus. Since it was a lot of water we were going to get into, most of us decided not take cameras, phones, etc. along (and that explains why there are least pics of this day in my album).

    The falls were serene. The water seemed a bit greenish, almost dirty, but I did enjoy a lot. The most peculiar things were those round boats (they are called coracles, which I just got to learn from Wikipedia), the boaters asked us to form groups 6-7 for each boat and made us sit uniformly in the boat for perfect balance. The funny part was how the boaters were using just a single paddle to row their boats and making the boat go round and round that too at a decent rotational velocity near the falls (or sometimes simply in the middle of the river). They had another use of the paddle – to attack the other boaters (and us) with a huge splash of water, poor us could use just handfuls of water at a time; it was especially more fun when the boats came near and rotated around (no need to mention, we were drenched during the exercise). It felt such a bliss when the boatman took us near the falls with the small droplets washing our faces.

    Rest of the day was spent travelling to our next destination – Ooty.

    Many will agree the journey in the bus was the most fun part of the whole tour with all those dancing, singing sensations and couple photo and video shoots. The energies of Kuruvi and Rojith were unmatchable while they danced. I learned a few hard facts of life in the bus over the tour. I have always hated people who smoke or drink and here I was sitting in  the middle of the bus and could smell smoke from the back and liquor from some of the dancers. I was wondering even the girls at the front didn’t seem to object or even acknowledge this. In a chat with a few girls, I got to know the general opinion – most of us guys do smoke and drink – not a big deal! I was a little shocked but decided to accept the ‘fact’ as such – of course, it didn’t mean I would move to the ‘most of the guys’ category after that. Another shocker for me was the point when some of the guys among us actually climbed over the wall of a petrol pump to relieve themselves!

    It was during this bus journey that I actually started to miss someone. Perhaps it was due to that frustrating music that started playing during the later part of the bus journey (it reminded me of those dehati songs like hatja tau that irritated me up north). It was only then that I tried to pass time somehow by browsing mails (and breaking my self-made promise of staying away from the net while on the tour), reading slashdot, on GPRS; texting a friend (though I am stingy, and it was costing me STD rates) and a little conversation actually helped cool down my agony.

    Anyhow, we stayed at Asoka Inn (after having an almost cold dinner in their restaurant). This one hotel was perfect example of deceit – the outside seemed so grand and professional, the rooms inside were exactly the opposite. And we were 4-5 in a room which had just a double-bed. Perhaps this was to bring our raised hopes from Comfort Inn experience back to the ground-level.

    Day 4 – Ooty Lake, The Tea Factory and Government Botanical Gardens, Ooty

    We set out early morning towards the lake, the bus journey towards the top of the hills was indeed nice. We actually saw the clouds mingling with hill peaks; the sight was even lovelier near the top when those tea plantations along with rows of colorful houses became visible.

    Reaching the lake, some shopping and boating followed. Forming groups for boating was slightly more difficult this time, but the ride was enjoyable. There were shops selling various types of chocolates in the lake market, I bought some for taking back to hostel, and some to gift a friend. There was a weird sound making Horror House too, just above a restaurant. We spent some more time eating, roaming, and some of us got our pics clicked posing as riding a horse.

    Next up was The Tea Factory. A guided tour of the factory, explanation of various processes in tea making, purchasing herbal tea for mom (which she never actually tried to prepare even once when I got back home 😦 ), tasting some flavor of tea in small cup and a pass through a mini chocolote market inside the factory followed and then some iconic photographs outside later (one actually depicts Sachu in an almost hollywood like scene, all thanks to Thridev).

    Next we visited Botanical Gardens. It was a huge garden with various species of plants and flowers, the carvings of the leaves to form many shapes and letters was striking. We mostly roamed around for photo shoots at different locations and settings. Najih had some more show in store for us. 😉

    The tour officially ended with camp fire and dance around it at the night. There were few more shockers for me there, but putting everything here might not be necessary. We reached late at night at college and collectively showed up to attend the classes too in the morning – all hail to the branch spirit!

    As it was coming to an end, I was thinking more and more about how I will miss those 4-5 days spent together with my branch mates (and as Delbin put it later – perhaps that was the first and last branch tour we could manage).

    So you managed to read all of the above (and perhaps the first part too)? Congratulations! You deserve a special mention on this blog – get yourself one my posting a comment below :P. BTW there are some good and not-so-good photos I took during the tour available online, do take a look at my CSE Branch Tour – Picasa Web Album.

    • Ershad K 12:49 AM on January 6, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm, so you had a nice trip. Congratulations 🙂

    • Shyam Shankar 1:30 AM on January 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Your post made me recollect some wonderful memories..Thank you for that.

    • Delbin thomas 9:28 PM on January 9, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      “Most of us guys do smoke and drink – not a big deal!” Thats what encourage most of the boys to drink and smoke.. They know these habits wont affect their love life.. When did they climb wall of petrol pump? I didnt know it.. What happened actually? “It was during this bus journey that I actually started to miss someone” who was that someone? U forget to mention? “Perhaps this was to bring our raised hopes from Comfort Inn experience back to the ground-level.” i agree with that completely.. And thanks for the mentioning at the bottom..:D

      • Kartik 9:58 PM on January 9, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for your comment Delbin. 🙂

        I don’t know the reasons, but I have developed more mature view about smoking and drinking in the past year.

        You can recall the petrol pump story by browsing through the pics. 😉

        That someone was a friend, don’t want to post name here.

        Thanks for being there Delbin, you were the one pointing me out to enjoy to the core during the tour. It wouldn’t have been the same without noticing you enjoy so much. 🙂

        And perhaps you were wrong to doubt the possibility of another tour, let’s see if it comes again!

    • Delbin thomas 10:39 PM on January 9, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      That was cool reply from ur side..
      Still feels like laughing on looking at that petrol pump picture, damn i missed that scene… Yeah, there is another tour coming…
      Hope we l have good time with a lot of fun….

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    The Branch Tour 2011 and me (Part 1) 

    Disclaimer: The following post is dedicated to all my branch mates and is a little more on the personal side. Additionally, the post is too long and may not be of any relevance for those who seek to attain any bit of technical nirvana from this blog. So, you may happily TLDR this post.

    Many have asked me why I decided to go for branch tour when almost none of the northies were ready to go. The reasons were many – the most prominent being I wanted to know my branch mates, to connect with them, share some laughs, joys together (the whole first year, the shy, not-into-cultural-activities Kartik in me had tried to stay away (read: not actively participated) from events like Sangam, Spectrum, Debutante which are meant for bringing the whole branch together – for this Rama (happy now?) had always cursed me). The other reason was that even after being here in Calicut for over a year and a half I had not tried to visit any places (Bangalore being an exception – which I visited 2 times last year for non-fun conferences). The northies not going for tour was not much of a problem for me as I thought over and realized I have had more and better Malayali friends compared to northies at least in my branch (yeah, I did try to get them involved too, but one by one everyone except Mamde backed out).

    Day 1 – Visit to Meenmutty Waterfalls and Pookot Lake, Wayanad

    The first day started by waking up at 4:30 and packing up my bag in a hurry. I had packed up everything in my laptop bag and realized just minutes before boarding the bus that I will need warm clothes too. Ran back to my room and packed up a few additional clothes in another bag (phew, this saved me from freezing at Ooty 3 days later).

    The two buses for about 70 of us left the campus at 6. I just knew that we were going towards Wayanad. After having breakfast and a few photo shoots, we traveled to Meenmutty waterfalls.

    Hiking for 2 kms followed to the falls and I can say the trekking was fun! I was reminded of good old days of childhood when me and my siblings used to play at our shop jumping and climbing on stocks of plywood and logs of wood. I found a new energy flowing in me. On the way were green, serene tea plantations which still behold my eyes. We visited 2 waterfalls for which we had to take different ways – first one was not that impressive, being so far from the viewpoint but the second one was what I call a real waterfall – many of the boys just jumped into the water (and many unwilling ones were either pulled in or slipped in!). It was a blissful sight, we just wanted to stay there forever. I started to discover the people of my branch during all this – the always lively (and ready with her handycam) Varsha, helping and caring Sachin, Delbin and Jaseem, the wild ones Bhasi and Pinki, the ever talking MG among others. On the way back we were served a cool drink of lime water in a shanty which was so relieving after all this climbing over the hillocks.

    Fish Curry Meals (lunch) was served in a Dhaba-like restaurant (which again reminded me of home place) where I (the veggie) had to do with the rice only. Me, Mamde, Syam and many more concluded in an after lunch discussion that this trekking was a perfect starting for the 4-day tour.

    Next up was Pookot Lake, where me and Mamde decided to go for boating recalling that it was such a long time since each of us did that earlier (I don’t even remember what age I was when I went for boating with my parents, probably in Electra World). It was 20-minutes fun well spent with many more boaters – Dipin, Jose, Nithin, Vineeth, Hashir, Aravind, Assim, Boban, Delbin, and Thridev – in the lake. After this followed a visit to a dam, where a lot of photographs were taken including those of the most remarkable (and much tagged on fb) body-show by Najih. It was quite a lovely place with the rising moon, and setting sun and the blue water.

    We left for Mysore. Stay at Comfort-Inn at night was, well, what else to say, a comfort. I had not stayed in such a good hotel ever (our room even had a working AC!). The first day was par our expectations of the tour.

    Day 2 – St. Philomena’s Church, Chamundi Hills, ZooBrindavan Gardens, Mysore

    The first place we visited after leaving Comfort Inn was the church. As I had never visited a church before (my closest was going to church, on insistence of my best friend Hitesh, the night before my 10th class results were declared only to find it closed, we were apparently too late), it was a new experience for me. I was reminded of all those Dan Brown novels and movies I had read and watched noticing the general attributes of the church. I had to do some pondering over my being an atheist when Nivetha asked about it. Some more photo sessions were done before we left for Chamundi Hills.

    Not until we had reached there I realized this too was a religious place – and far more like the typical ones compared to the church. Again flashes of my first visit to South India (just less than 2 years ago) and pilgrimage sites like Thirupathi-Thirumala and Meenakshi temples started coming to my mind. Thankfully we didn’t have to visit the temple and wait in the seemingly unending line here. We just roamed around taking more photos here and there. Girls seemed to find the place pretty amusing with all those shops selling artifacts and what I termed as girl-stuff. We did visit a small side-temple, which to my dismay didn’t even have a source of water anywhere nearby so I could at least wash my hands after removing socks and shoes. Another funny thing happened after I came out of temple, some priest just started tying a thread with rudrakhsha on my arm, which for some reason I didn’t object to. He kept on saying it’s for good luck and after finishing his job asked for 10 bucks, which I couldn’t refuse. The poor thread survived a mere 10 minutes on my arm. And I forgot to mention the time we (group of over 10 people) had waited for to get a glass of that ganne ka juice from the corner near the bus parking on the way towards temple. We observed how the juice-wallah kept on squeezing the canes again and again and again to extract the last drop of juice from them.

    Next in our (ever-evolving) itinerary was the Mysore Zoo (which won over Mysore Palace in a small hands-up vote only because of the fact that it houses the only Gorilla of South Asia). I voted for it again for the fact that my last visit to a zoo was I-don’t-remember-when (I must be 10 or even less). The zoo visit was overall fun and I tried to know more about so many kinds of different creatures. I was specially eager to see (a real!) white tiger, gorilla, rhino, hippo, African elephants, flamingos and giraffe. This was here that I really felt I should have had a better camera. Nivetha, Monix, Navya (or Varsha?) and Susmitha deserve special mention for tolerating me and my boring gyaan all this time in the zoo. BTW I noticed later the name of the zoo was Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, phew!

    Next we traveled to Brindavan Gardens which, I felt, had a lot of similarity to Akshardham Temple of Delhi because of the fort like walls and more because of the fountain show. As it was turning dark, I stopped taking pics with my good-old N72. We climbed over all those stairs to reach the fountain show area only to find no space left for us. Showing the branch spirit we all dropped down together to sit on the floor just a second before the show started. Somehow I felt, the fountain show could have been better if they had not included those Bollywood songs. Next one-two hours were spent roaming around the huge garden among sprinkles of water from so many fountains on all sides and more photo sessions in the grass lawns.

    The night was spent traveling to our next destination – Hoganakkal.

    So you managed to read all of the above? Congratulations! You deserve a special mention on this blog – get yourself one my posting a comment below :P. BTW there are some good and not-so-good photos I took during the tour available online, do take a look at my CSE Branch Tour – Picasa Web Album.

    This part 1 just mentions half of all I have to say about our wonderful first branch tour. I am still in process of writing the part 2, expect to read it tonight.

    • Jinto Jolly James 12:05 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Comprehensively Written 🙂 … I have been to the very same places with more than one class-tours, with different bunch of people.. Your descriptions were too good in the descriptive and argumentative tone and did initiate a collage of memories..

      p.s: I never knew that there are Flamingo’s in Mysore Zoo.. Thanks for the info.. Maybe something to look forward to, if I ever gonna go there again..

      • Kartik 3:14 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks a lot for your comment Jinto. I am obliged to know this lead you to remember old memories. 🙂

    • Ashwin Jacob 11:35 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I guess I shouldn spoil the spirit by commenting!

      • Kartik 11:46 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Well, you are welcome to comment. Be it positive or negative.

    • ashwinbj 11:50 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Ok! I will comment after sometime! A negative opinion from a fellow student at the beginning itself will dampen this post!

      • ashwinbj 11:50 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Good work btw!

      • Kartik 11:52 PM on February 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Don’t worry about dampening, who posts any useful comments these days anyway?

    • Delbin 12:38 AM on March 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      U missed the visit of a dam, where the body show of najih and group photo taking were happened.. I still dunno the name of that dam.

      • Kartik 12:43 AM on March 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        You should take a look again, it’s there! 😉

    • Pankaj Mamde 2:13 AM on March 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      It was the first time that I ate fishes in my life (actually to really “FILL” my tummy!).

      • Kartik 6:52 PM on March 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        so you have the occasion recorded on the Internet now!

    • Syam 6:24 PM on March 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Your blog vividly reminds me of all those happy memories ! Great work ! 🙂

      • Kartik 6:51 PM on March 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        That’s the whole reason of writing this blog – not to forget those delightful memories. Thanks for your comment.

    • Ershad K 12:43 AM on January 6, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Let me see what happened in Hoganakkal! Nicely written travelogue 🙂

      • Kartik 12:46 AM on January 6, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Ershad, comments welcome on part 2 also. 🙂

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